Three Birds Flying

Linaria triornithophora – three birds flying

A video introduction to Three Birds Flying

An extraordinarily exotic-looking flower but not difficult to grow. Linaria triornithophora, THREE BIRDS FLYING, or THREE BIRDS TOADFLAX offers lively curiosity to the border and it’s also loved by pollinators. Watch the short video to learn the surprises of this jewel of a plant.

Sow indoors from February or sow in September for flowering the following year. Lightly cover with compost in a seed tray. Once seedlings are large enough to gently handle, transfer to small pots and grow on in cooler conditions. Harden off gradually and plant out after the last frost has passed. Classed as a hardy perennial, there is some debate about just how hardy this plant is. Extreme winters probably won’t suit it, but some disagree; worth a try. Space out at 50-60cm. Grows to 90cm high. Loves sun and part shade and well-drained soil. Flowers May to October.

  • intriguing & fun
  • pollinator friendly
  • children’s garden
  • exotic border