Drumstick scabious

Scabiosa stellata ‘sternkugel’

a video introduction – seed to flower to seed

Though its flowers could be described as unassuming compared to the dramatic seedheads that follow, Scabiosa stellata sternkugel, DRUMSTICK SCABIOUS, brings exquisite charm and subtlety to a naturalistic border, especially as it is so loved by pollinators.

Sow this hardy annual’s seed indoors from February. The advice is to sow seeds thinly onto moist well-drained seed compost, just covered with soil, and propagate with heat. But as the seeds are large enough to handle it is fine to sow straight to small pots, and leave them on a warm, light windowsill indoors where they seem to do just as well. Other than watering, the small plants need hardening off gradually and planting out only after the last frost has passed. Don’t worry about enriching your outdoor soil, these may produce fewer flowers in fertilised soil. Space out at 30cm. Grows to 70cm high. Loves full sun and well-drained soil. Flowers June to September.

  • seedheads
  • intriguing & fun
  • pollinator friendly
  • naturalistic garden
  • children’s garden
  • depleted soil