Chemistry & Light

Pioneering American photographer Imogen Cunningham (1883–1976) is quoted as saying: “The formula for doing a good job in photography is to think like a poet.” Yet in her plant photography, she combined visual poetry with a scientific eye…

Inside the bud

Digital study of a Camellia japonica bud, whole and in cross-section.

Study of an Iris

Study of a bearded iris, Iris Germanica. Bearded iris flower well in hot, sunny borders, where the rhizome can sit above soil level and “bake” in full sun. Divide clumps every three or four years to maintain prolific flowering. They bring their airy elegance to the late spring, early summer border…. More inspirational irises here….


The botanical cyanotype prints of pioneer female photographer Anna Atkins (1799-1871) and her collaborator Anne Dixon (1799 – 1877).