Vegetal Altitude

Fantasy mountain showing plants growing at different altitudes, by François Hérincq, from Traité de botanique générale, Paris, 1860s. Details below

  1. Palm, banana and pandanus region; starting at sea level, in tropical regions, and rising to 630 m.
  2.  Region of ferns, fig trees and dracaena, 630 to 1270 m above sea level.
  3.  Region of myrtles and laurels, 1270 to 1900 m above sea level.
  4.  Region of evergreens, between 1900 and 2530 m.
  5.  Region of deciduous trees of Europe, located between 2530 and 3170 m.
  6.  Softwood tree region, which begins at 3170 and ends at 3800 m.
  7.  Rhododendron region; 3800 m. rising to the region of alpine plantsat 4500 m.
  8.  Alpine plants region, starting at the region of Rhododendrons, beyond 4500 m. and only ending at the eternal snows* which are around 5000 m.

*Translated from the 1860s original – “eternal snows”, before the impact of climate change

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