Iris Dancing

Named after Greek goddess of the rainbow and messenger of the gods, irises signal spring and lead us into early summer. Their foliage can inspire at any time of year. “In every year there are days between winter and spring which rightly belong to neither… Things must take a turn… Across the drenched borders the eye catches the glimmer of blue-green tufts, or ranks of shadowy sword points, while the mind sees the May sunlight full on the iris flowers.” Anonymous, before 1914 (Penguin Book of Garden Writing)

With its upright swords and the balletic choreography of swirling petals above extended limbs, the iris holds its head high among plants of spring and early summer…

  • Iris by Wilhelm Weimar
  • Iris sibirica
  • Iris sibirica
  • Tiffany iris corsage sketch
  • Tiffany iris corsage ornament
  • Iris latifolia
  • Iris by Abraham Delfos
  • Bearded iris
  • Iris garden by Hiroshige
  • Irises, Tsukioka Kôgyo
  • Blue iris flowers
  • Van Gogh's Irises
  • Irises, Van Gogh

To view a study of a bearded iris, with cultivation tips, click here

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